State Security Agency

The former intelligence minister has warned that the intelligence agencies must be subject to more oversight.
Mismanagement at the top levels of the SSA is said to be one of the main priorities, with a further focus on allegations of money disappearing through the cracks.
"We will have to confront these allegations of corruption and misconduct in the state security structures head-on," the state security minister said.
"Fraser is a compromised individual who is wholly unfit to hold such a vital position within government."
Dintwe is showing that he won’t be bullied by Fraser and that his office cannot be expected to kowtow to the SSA.
The new state security minister says the intelligence services are not responsible for patrolling the nation's borders.
Corruption costs the country billions of rands –– money that is then lacking for housing, health, education and fighting crime.
"I want to go into the depth of this book and be able to make a judgement whether it is a credible move to try and stop the book," said Ramaphosa.
The public protector wants the case heard in March next year.
"There will be no comment until the investigation into the matter is concluded."