If the Dominican government begins to implement major deportations to Haiti, we will need to be ready to support the women, men and children displaced to a country where they do not belong.
Amnesty International calls on the Dominican government to reaffirm its commitment to the Inter-American Human Rights System, recognize the decisions of the Inter-American Court and make a commitment to implement its recent ruling in full and without delay.
At least ten million people worldwide are currently stateless, and a baby is born with no nationality every ten minutes, according
The Dominican Republic's nationality rules are a tangle of check-boxes and criteria, but for one family the impact of new legislation could not be more stark. By a fluke of bureaucracy, two out of three children might be awarded citizenship and all its benefits, but the third could remain lost in the limbo of statelessness...
Some might think this doesn't matter. Some may point out that thousands of pieces of law are made is this way every year. However, very few, if any, pieces of secondary legislation will have such far reaching consequences as the residence test for civil legal aid.
The UK's practice of indefinite immigration detention is a great anomaly, in the context both of the restrictions that the government has accepted on anti-terror detention, and of how pretty much every comparable state handles these things. The UK is unique in Europe in having no time limit to immigration detention and in actually locking people up for years for their immigration status.
Imagine being born in a country where your parents and grandparents also grew up and then one day being told you are no longer eligible for nationality there. This means you will no longer have access to education, healthcare, a formal job, social security, or even be able to marry or register the births of your children...
Dancing in front of the mirror, or lounging in the living room smoking a cigarette, nothing seems to set these women apart
We tend to forget that birth registration is a critical life event and that a birth certificate can make or break a child's future. Later in life, a birth certificate can help protect a child against forced marriage, child labour, premature enlistment in the armed forces or, if accused of a crime, prosecution as an adult.
Back in Myanmar, rape has been used as an age-old weapon of war. Many Rohingya men have been killed or put into concentration camps, handing security forces further opportunities to assault women from the inside out.