The Museum of the Home had asked if it should take down the statue of Sir Robert Geffrye.
The statue in Baltimore was torn down by protestors on Saturday evening.
People have vented their anger over racial injustice by pulling down statues of figures tied to America’s racist history.
PM's tweets about Winston Churchill's statue a "deflection", says shadow justice minister.
The protests in Britain over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has set in motion a debate statues, with many in our public spaces commemorating those who were directly linked with the slave trade. Claudine Van Hensbergen is an expert on sculptures in public spaces and explains how we interact with statues, what they mean to a society and how we deal with their legacy is only part of Britain’s fight against racism.
Worldwide protests over anti-Black racism and police brutality renewed efforts to take down Confederate monuments.
Now that full planning permission has been granted, Aurora Metro needs to raise the required £50,000 for the statue to become a reality
Despite a previous decision to keep the statue, the EFF is not backing down from its call to remove it.
We each owe a huge debt of gratitude to pioneering women like Fawcett - I’m proud to have helped make her statue a reality
No-one really knows where Manneken Pis came from, although there's no shortage of stories. Historically accurate is the fact that this area of Brussels used to be where tanners practiced their trade, and liked to use urine to soften the leather. In Brussels they favoured the urine of small boys, and the statue might first have been put up to honour that fact.