Statue’s rear end was actually a time capsule.
Sadiq Khan describes our city as one of the most diverse, thrilling and fascinating places in the world. It is a great creative capital, full of world-renowned artists with no shortage of inspirational people worth celebrating. So, while I am not advocating for a Victorian style commissioning fest, I do think it's time we grasped the nettle and found a way for our monuments to reflect more stories we can relate to.
Not only did the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville last week begin, nominally, over a dispute about a statue
Corbyn derided the number of statues featuring women There are some 220 listed statues in London alone, according to HistoricEngland
Travelling from state to state can often feel like entering a whole new country. It's food, the people, architecture, the weather, literally everything may seem completely world's away from wherever you might have just been. Though you may have just ventured mere miles in reality.
Greece has pulled two ancient statues of nude males from an Olympic exhibition in Doha after Qatari officials insisted on