Steinhoff is being investigated for forgery, extortion, and theft.
SA billionaire businessman Christo Wiese is retiring from his role as non-executive chairperson of investment company Brait
Then run by Markus Jooste, Steinhhoff bought U.S. company Mattress Firm in 2016. Now it is battling former executives and a property broker.
The claims relate to investments made by Wiese’s Titan group of companies in Steinhoff in 2015 and 2016.
It has two lounges (one forward and one back), two four-seat dining tables, as well as an entertainment system.
The former chairman of the embattled company — and once South Africa's third richest man — is disposing of a Falcon and Boeing.
"The company might have been 'squeezed by Dutch law' to go ahead with the AGM."
Steinhoff's Dutch investors are suing the group for misleading them in its financial statements.
“People are cheesed off – he’s lost a lot of people money; a lot of pensioners, too.” 
Former chair blames Steinhoff's failure to detect fraud and accounting irregularities on structure of company and auditors who check their books.
"The matter is now in the hands of the Hawks for further investigation and prosecution."
Jooste's attorney says he will not appear as he is no longer a representative for the beleaguered company.
The darling of South African financial markets seems to be a target of opaque "research organisation" Viceroy.
The NHA has confirmed that Markus Jooste, following his resignation as CEO of Steinhoff, sold all his horses, including current race favourite, Legal Eagle.
Steinhoff faces lawsuits by investors in the Netherlands, Germany, and now South Africa.
They potentially suffered a loss of up to 55 percent on that investment.
Philip Dieperink will become acting CFO.
Shares in Steinhoff, once dubbed Africa’s IKEA, have fallen around 90 percent since news of the accounting irregularities broke.
Agency recognises the financial flexibility offered within the group's listed investments, but does not know if they can be monetised quickly enough.
The embattled former CEO of Steinhoff has been targeted with accusations of 'thief' and 'con artist' spray painted on his walls.