Two North West girls were strangled to death, their deaths made to look like suicides.
Xander Bylsma, 19, made an appearance in the Vryburg Magistrate's Court on Monday on two counts of murder.
Anyone who has seen the online videos of Dapper Laughs - real name Daniel O'Reilly - will be au fait with the misplaced pride in idiocy and the triumphant doltishness of this arch dunce. His act is a woeful, misogynistic celebration of banter-based cretinism that is sadly having a renaissance among the unenlightened, the confused, the intellectually frightened and the simpleton.
A pint of Stella is perhaps not the first thing you'd associate with being musical unless it's chanting a few football songs
So now the time has to forget about the Olympics and indeed the Queen's jubilee it's time to focus on the telly programmes that we'll be watching in 2013. My top telly tips for the year ahead include a mixture of comedy, drama and a bit of reality TV thrown in to keep it err... real.
Stella is, as one YouTube commenter points out, "all kinds of awesome". After all, could you point out three key faults with