stephen burke

According to statistics from Carers UK, there are currently around 6.5 million people the UK who are carers and this figure is destined to rise with the prediction that there will be an enormous 9 million people caring for others by 2037.
Homecare services are getting increasingly poor reviews from families and users of these vital services.
Childcare in this country has reached a critical crossroads. Will we head in the right direction or are we about to take a seriously wrong turning? With the government planning some major changes in childcare provision and funding, it's time to take stock.
In the 1970s my mother worked full-time which meant that my grandmother - my mother's mother - was there looking after my
The question is whether the government is prepared to use the opportunity of scrapping the cap to fund and deliver a much better and fairer system to pay for better care.
Until the new government gets to grips with the care crisis and introduces more financial help for older people, it will be up to each of us to get the best deal possible. As more older people and their families realise that increasingly they are on their own and they are expected to pay for their care, then pressure will increase on government to sort out the mess.
The BBC highlight three particular problems: the care system is horrendously complex and about to get more so; it is massively underfunded; and the government's planned cap on care costs being introduced next year will help very few older people pay for care.
It was inevitable that the government would extend 'special measures' to failing care homes and home care agencies having