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A Canadian federal election, for one of the first times in modern Canadian history, is global news. Much of this has to do with it being the longest election campaign in modern history, which made it easier for global media to become both acquainted with Canadian politics and capture enough readers' imaginations to demand more coverage.
David Cameron has urged fellow world leaders to learn lesssons from the Fifa scandal to tackle the 'cancer' of corruption
While it may be more comforting to consider these men but lone wolves acting upon their own deranged ideas, that no longer seems to be the case. In this age of social media and easily accessible information in which we live, it is no longer necessary for contact to be made for a message to be passed on.
The sergeant-in-arms responsible for shooting Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the gunman who attacked government buildings in Ottawa
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper SEE ALSO: Kevin Vickers Hailed As Hero For Reportedly Shooting Gunman Hain Calls For
Police in Ottawa say shots also were fired near a shopping mall close to Parliament. Ottawa police Constable Marc Soucy said
An unknown gunman reportedly shot a soldier standing guard at Canada’s National War Memorial. One gunman was confirmed dead
Protesters appeared to attempt to disrupt a visit to Parliament by Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper today. Shortly