Stephen Lawrence Murder

Our criminal justice system has long discriminated against those who have lost family members at the hands of the police. Instead of being recognised as victims, such families are victimised from the very first meeting with the police onwards.
Two men have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage following an incident at the Stephen Lawrence memorial plaque
Understandably the level of debate about this case has increased with the most recent allegations around spying and corruption - but a theme of that debate seems to be the entire Metropolitan Police were to blame for the actions of a few.
The head of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has apologised to the family of murdered teenager Stephen
A judge-led public inquiry is to be launched into the work of undercover officers in the wake of "profoundly shocking" findings
BNP leader Nick Griffin has plumbed new depths in questioning the appointment of Doreen Lawrence to the House of Lords. The
20 years after the tragic murder of teenager Stephen Lawrence, music's biggest names are uniting for a special concert championing
One of the two men jailed for the racist murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence will have a fresh bid to appeal against
Prime minister David Cameron and Britain's most senior police officer were among the guests at a memorial service for murdered
The murder of Stephen Lawrence sparked "monumental change" in British society, Prime Minister David Cameron said ahead of