Stephen Sutton

An inspirational cancer sufferer, a controversial scientist, Winston Churchill's grandson and a clutch of Hollywood stars
Teenage cancer victim Stephen Sutton has received a posthumous MBE in recognition of his extraordinary fundraising efforts
Members of the public give the 'thumbs up' sign for the life of teenage cancer fundraiser Stephen Sutton during a vigil at
Mourners have turned out to celebrate the life of an inspirational teenage cancer victim on the day a fighting fund he launched
Stephen Sutton's untimely death puts the matter into perspective. While we remember him publicly, and his family and friends remember him privately, we will all remember one thing for sure: what he stood for.
Poignant images of inspirational cancer victim Stephen Sutton enjoying his last holiday have emerged as his fundraising total
I desperately hope one of the legacies of Stephen's untimely death will be the increased awareness of a disease which is so preventable AND treatable if caught early. A disease which to those of us suffering with it, still feels like it is cloaked in a veil of shame.
A few years back, I was on tour in Germany. By sheer chance, someone I'd gone to college with was sitting in the audience in Munich. It was a big thrill to see so familiar a face so far from home and as it turned out, Colin had moved with his girlfriend to Dachau. This gave me the incentive I needed to do, something I'd been putting off: which was to visit a concentration camp.
Tributes are pouring in for Stephen Sutton, the teenager who raised millions for charity, after he lost his long battle with
An inspirational teen who has raised millions for charity has spoken of his anger at how his bowel cancer was misdiagnosed