Stephen Timms

Today's Labour Market Statistics show a worrying sharp rise in youth unemployment. The number of young people aged 16 to 24 who are unemployed rose by 15,000, to 973,000. The government's efforts to tackle youth unemployment are not working. The government's approach - the Youth Contract - was developed after Nick Clegg told the cabinet something must be done about youth unemployment. It has been clear for some time that it hasn't been going well. The Engineering Employers Federation reported that only 1% of their members were involved in it, and few of them had even heard of it.
More than one in 10 workers want to do more hours but are caught up in an underemployment "crisis", Labour has claimed. Research
The Liberal Democrat leadership has stayed silent on the row over whether the Mick Philpott case is linked to benefit reform
Ed Balls has attacked George Osborne after he appeared to link the case of child killer Mick Philpott with the need to cut
George Osborne has been branded "sick" by Labour after he appeared to link the case of child killer Mick Philpott to his
Secure and affordable housing is the first building block. By developing intelligently, with a view to long-term support for communities rather than short-term housebuilding targets, housing providers can lay the foundations for well-functioning neighbourhoods.
The government boasts that Universal Credit will strengthen work incentives by enabling people to keep more of their income from work... Unfortunately, this claim will not be true once the new localised arrangements for Council Tax Benefit are factored in.
A former Labour minister in the Department of Work and Pensions has cautioned against drawing links between unpaid Diamond
HIS Global Insight forecasts that youth unemployment, announced at 9.30 this morning, will top a million. Certainly the trend has been worrying. The Government will face fresh questions today about the adequacy of its response.
Long term unemployment has doubled over the past year. The biggest rise in unemployment for two years - since before the end of the recession. A very worrying surge in youth unemployment, by 78,000. And the largest number of women out of work for 23 years.