Steven Soderbergh

Aesthetically speaking, Hollywood is in terminal decline, its output trash. When lauded American film reviewer Pauline Kael asked why movies were so bad for an essay which appeared in The New Yorker in 1980, she drew attention to the sudden disconnect with film-making aesthetics precipitated by Reaganomics...
Rob Lowe called it "unlike any other movie, Gordon Gekko making love to Jason Bourne". Certainly, 'Behind the Candelabra
Michael Douglas became emotional this week in Cannes, tearing up as he thanked his co-star and director for waiting for his
Stamp's path through life could have been very different. For an East End lad growing up in post-war London, acting was not on the cards. "I left the East End quite early in terms of other kids my age. My mother made a terrible fuss, but my dad didn't mind at all. But if I was going to try acting, I couldn't have done it had I stayed at home."
Michael Douglas has been snapped on set of Behind The Candelabra, playing the role of American pianist Liberace alongside
Ah, I can smell of schlock in the air. And there's nothing like a B movie with an amazing cast (doesn't happen all that often, not since the 80s anyway) like Haywire, which is out on DVD right now.
Catherine Zeta-Jones is set to reunite with her Traffic director Steven Soderbergh in a new movie. The Rebound actress is
Into a quiet diner walks Mallory Kane (Gina Carano). Following shortly behind her is Aaron (Channing Tatum). Mallory is quick
Mixed martial arts pin-up Gina Carano was not at her best when she first met moviemaker Steven Sodberbergh about the lead
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Michael Fassbender is reportedly the lead contender to take on the role of Napoleon Solo in The Man