stewart mcdonald

Foreign secretary refused nine times to reveal when he started his break as Kabul fell.
Veteran politician branded a “thug” who was “romanticised” by Labour campaigners.
Whilst we in Scotland will celebrate our success and progress, know that we stand with our neighbours in England and will offer our full support until we get the result that is so badly needed. And when we succeed - and we will succeed - we must continue our fight right around the world.
It's time for Ministers to get out of their grand offices, leave the ministerial car behind and come and see how difficult they will make it for thousands of Glaswegians to get to the Job Centre. Perhaps then they will see the damage they will inflict and think again on this extraordinary attack on Scotland's largest city.
On Thursday 23 June I will be voting to remain in Europe, and ask you to do the same. It is the EU which offers Scotland the opportunity of a genuine partnership of nations - one where we choose to work with our friends and neighbours to make real progress on economic, environment and social issues within Europe and the wider world.
We need a government that will tighten regulations around tax avoidance, increase transparency and ensure everyone pays their fair share. That is the least that the public - a rightfully angry public - deserve.
We in Scotland know too well what it is like to be patronised, and told the sky will fall in if we make the wrong choice. I should probably say now too, that I don't think the UK would turn into a basket case if it left: I just think it would be a much lesser place without the opportunities for cooperation and mutual prosperity that the EU offers.