Stock Markets

In the long run, the prospect of higher global debt levels, a more imbalanced global economy led by the US and the potential for the inflation genie finally to be leaking out its bottle after eight years of unprecedented monetary stimulus is alarming. The coming bust will be the biggest in human history.
Fears of western military intervention in Syria have put the frighteners on investors, leading to a global stock market tumble
Turbulence on global stock markets has continued amid concerns over an end to economic stimulus in the United States and
Stock markets fell sharply on Monday amid fears that an unprecedented levy on bank deposits in Cyprus will plunge Europe
European markets open down, as Asian markets record heavy losses following a sell-off on Wall Street after Fitch warns of
Rising fears about Spain's economy combined with worries that growth is slowing in the US triggered a sell-off on world markets
European markets appeared to shrug off a rash of downgrades by the rating agency Standard & Poor's on Tuesday, as improvements
The rating agency Standard & Poors (S&P) has downgraded the sovereign ratings of France and Austria from AAA in a move that
Italy saw its cost of long-term borrowing fall slightly in an auction on Thursday morning. The country sold €2.5bn (£2.1bn
The main headlines in the UK on Thursday morning suggest that Britain is looking to continue with its blocking strategy on