stone roses reunion

Some simple posters of lemons have sent the music world into a spin, as fans are speculating over a possible announcement
4starsentertainment Everybody has one band, for whom judgement is put aside, critical faculties are suspended, disproportionate amounts of cash and effort spent - the one whose tunes are hardwired into our cells, on an album that inevitably makes its way onto the stereo at the end of every big night. For Shane Meadows it is the Stone Roses. Made of Stone is his explanation.
The Stone Roses' triumphant return to their native Manchester, England over the weekend has been marred by the disappearance
There is some criticism of Ian Brown's voice, but in Manchester we don't have singers we have communicators - the only person from that generation who could sing properly was Mick Hucknall - I rest my case...Ian Brown is a communicator, he will walk on that stage and 75,000 people will understand.