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In the first part of our exclusive interview with Stu Bennet aka Wade Barratt, we learned that not only does he have one
Some simple posters of lemons have sent the music world into a spin, as fans are speculating over a possible announcement
The Glastonbury line-up was finally released on Tuesday evening, but it didn’t take fans long to notice what appears to be
Television weatherman Fred Talbot has labelled claims from Stone Roses singer Ian Brown that he gave masturbation practice
TV weatherman Fred Talbot gave masturbation practice as homework, former pupil and Stone Roses singer Ian Brown told his
Reading the gushing eulogies of the likes of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Maya Angelou would make you think the Twitterati had all lost a family member, but really. How many of them had seen or read, let alone had any strong opinion about Capote or I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings?
Just like buses... you wait an age, and then two films about The Stone Roses turn up at once. In a complementary bookend
Some lucky Stone Roses fans are still recovering from the emotional outlay of seeing their favourite band AND Shane Meadows
4starsentertainment Everybody has one band, for whom judgement is put aside, critical faculties are suspended, disproportionate amounts of cash and effort spent - the one whose tunes are hardwired into our cells, on an album that inevitably makes its way onto the stereo at the end of every big night. For Shane Meadows it is the Stone Roses. Made of Stone is his explanation.
The Stone Roses were together once more in Manchester on Thursday evening for the world premiere of Shane Meadows' film - 'Made