Sherd showing badger claw marks The badger decided to make its home in a convenient mound, inadvertently unearthing the objects
"The midwinter sun sets between the two upright stones of the great trilithon. We do not know which solstice was more important
The monument has been described as 'truly remarkable' and 'enormous' Part of Durrington Walls is aligned with the rising
In between, Chan - our tuk tuk driver - dropped us back at the hotel for a power nap and breakfast. In the hotel they treat us like gods, bowing, pointing their hands at us in prayer, laughing at our jokes, asking why we allow natural disasters to happen... It's a bit embarrassing actually, but tourism here is relatively new, and I suspect they'll relax eventually.
Great Britain may be small and compact but our little island offers a world of rich history, outstanding nature and some of Europe's most diverse and exciting cities. There are some places in Britain that are simply unmissable; here are 6 places in the UK you just have to visit before you die.
This year's summer solstice may have proved a rather unusual theory about Stonehenge's tallest stone and its ability to predict
Thousands of people have descended on Stonehenge to mark this year's summer solstice. Police said around 23,000 attended
An art historian has put forward an intriguing suggestion as to the purpose of the mysterious rocks of Stonehenge. Julian
David Cameron has met with a group of immovable, grey, ageing relics… and it’s not members of the Tory far right. The prime
Ever wondered what Britain looked like thousands of years ago? Well, if you know where to look, there are sites up and down