On Tuesday Nick Clegg retracted an accusation that opponents of gay marriage were "bigots" (which no one noticed at all), today
Once deemed the unthinkable, children and teens are executing horrific attacks ultimately leading to murder. These baby-faced defendants are presumed innocent and highly unlikely perpetrators until proven guilty.
How powerful would it have been for me to have an openly gay teacher, or to see openly gay Olympians being celebrated on the television, or to know that one day a man called Harvey Milk once stood up for what he believed in, in the same way that Rosa Parks made her stand against hate?
Homophobic bullying is still common in many schools and often goes unchallenged by teachers, a major report has found. More
Yesterday's Evening Standard carried a moving article from Dr Christian Jessen, about a school friend who hanged himself because of homophobic bullying.
Gay Pride is a day when people with peroxide blonde hair wear speedos whist blowing a whistle down Baker Street, an allocated day in the calendar you're allowed to be LGBT on the streets of London. But it was once much more than a celebration of rainbow flags made in China: it used to be political.
Lords reform and giving gay people the right to marry are not priorities for the government, defence secretary Philip Hammond
When Stonewall first announced of its intention to run its now iconic slogan - 'Some people are gay. Get over it.' - over a thousand buses in London, I had doubts as to its merits and intentions. Wouldn't it be better, I thought, to actually run a more engaging and less confrontational campaign in favour of equal marriage than to assert a fact that is, to put it mildly, obvious?
There is a time, I imagine, in the lives of most gay people when they wish, if only for a moment, that they weren't gay. Perhaps it comes when they want to kiss their other half without fear of reproachful look or, worse, a boot to the head.
An advert due to run on London buses that promoted gay conversion therapy has been been banned following a public outcry