This month hasn't just been one day of International Women's Day activity; there have been events every single day. In the
Stooshe have performed a special acoustic version of their new single 'My Man Music' in an exclusive video for HuffPost UK
With a Motown-inspired new single (which is a belter, we should say), and their debut album finally in the bag, Stooshe are
With Girls Aloud out of the picture, Stooshe are making a bid to become our new favourite girl group with new single 'Slip
Well we all know what Mariah wants but what about the rest of celebville? We asked some of 2012's biggest celebs - including
This weekend I'll be returning to the Isle of Wight to watch bands, drink some pints of Carling and regularly pray that it doesn't rain.
Recent celebrities to come out as being against feminism include Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Juliette Binoche, Bjork, and Demi Moore. Rather shocking, considering that most of these women wouldn't have had careers without, you know, that dirty concept they are quick to distance themselves from: feminism.