Storm Chasers

“We lost a legend,” co-star Reed Timmer said.
A group of storm chasers have captured a stunning timelapse of a supercell in Colorado. According to the group, the storm
These incredible pictures were taken by photographer Mike Hollingshead, who for more than a decade has been chasing storms
The recent deadly and record breaking Tornadoes that have struck Oklahoma, have brought these whirlwinds of air directly into the living rooms of us all through the many news bulletins and clips of their funnel shapes moving without mercy along the landscape. But what can we do about Tornadoes?
Cleaving through the sky, these lightning bolts show the savage, spiky side of mother nature. Captured by storm chaser Michael
Shearing through the clouds like a thousand knives, these lightning bolts no doubt left the skies above New South Wales crackling
Mushroom clouds, forks of lightning, furious thunderstorms and tornado funnels are the apocalyptic images which make up this