storm desmond

The Mail Online led with Claire Cisotti's "heartbreaking" story The article is written by Claire Cisotti, who, according
When your village gets flooded everything sort of comes to a stand still. It's all brown and muddy and a ton of crap gets dragged through your streets and into your home, including David Cameron.
The Army has deployed troops to towns across Cumbria to help secure the area's flood defences as torrential rain is expected
The devastation left in the wake of Storm Desmond has been captured in an astonishing set of aerial footage. The drone footage
Mike is now recovering on dry land. The group posted on Facebook: "Mike would like to say hello to all his fans and say thank
The video shows one of the extraordinary rescues the coastguard conducted in Cumbria, as the aftermath of Storm Desmond overwhelms
An RTE TV reporter became a viral hit on Saturday, delivering a sodden report from a street in Salthill, Galway, while battered
A man has died as Storm Desmond tore through Britain, bringing strong winds and heavy rain which caused Cumbria to declare