The UK is braced for another stormy battering as the strong winds that blighted the north on Thursday return over the weekend
The single day of hurricane-force winds that battered Scotland could cost the country's economy around £100 million, business
Severe weather warnings have been issued for the north of Scotland, with "storm-force" winds expected to hit the area throughout
Flood alerts are in place in parts of the UK as heavy rain and strong winds were predicted to sweep in. Matt Dobson, senior
The tail-end of Hurricane Katia has battered the UK coastline as it crossed the Atlantic Ocean. We've captured some of the
Should us weather obsessed Brits be worried? Well yes, to be honest. This ex-hurricane is potent and currently blowing gusts of 60-70mph over Scotland and North Wales, stronger winds have been measured over exposed hills.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Northern parts of the UK are expected to be battered by severe gales and storms as the remnants of Hurricane