I now am gripped by a fear that a benefit that ensures I can work, as it funds my car through the Motability scheme, may be taken away from me. With the horror stories of people with obvious impairments that equally make walking impossible losing their PIP funding it is a real possibility. Of course looking on the bright side, with my medical records having so many mistakes in them, I'm damn lucky I'm here at all!
I've hung up my elf outfit, put away my glitter and said goodbye to working in Santa's grotto for another year. I've lost
From Mexico to Lithuania to Japan, my book will chart the ups and downs of my globetrotting to date, and show how I developed from a child who thought travelling without the support of his family would be impossible, to a 21 year old who set off for Australia without them.
The Guardian will be deeply embarrassed by the Press Gazette's headline, and the possible bad press that will follow
Some stories are best told with visualisation... They aren't flashy; they are simple and designed to convey key information quickly... The amount of data being generated by the World Cup lets us explore anything.
Is it me or does every film nowadays seem to be based on a book? For the last few years the most acclaimed films seem to be a conveyor belt of adaptations. Crossover between the book and film world is an old story of course but has the extent of adaptations actually been intensified during the last few years?
The idea is simple. We're on a mission to bring people all over the world together through the power of music and the human voice. We've asked you to help us make it happen and you haven't disappointed.
Whilst I was there I had the opportunity to talk with Morgan Gray who is the Creative Director of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.
Whilst I was there I had the opportunity to talk with Erik Caponi who is the Lead Narrative Designer on The Bureau.
Awesome Jumper Land. Magical Escape Land. Best Place to Grow a Beard Land. But to what land of beards, jumpers and escapes are we referring? Iceland, of course. Travel and journeys are all about seeing things through the filter of your own unique perspective, and Iceland in particular seems to draw huge quantities of awe, admiration and joy from people.