Strange News

London commuters have been left puzzled by the strange sight of a well-dressed women leading a be-suited man on a leash around
Two people got an earlier than expected postal delivery when a Royal Mail lorry crashed into the side of a house in Hampshire
A video of a brick-smashing, glass-chomping troupe of dancing Sikhs has gone viral after the 'Warrior’s of Goja’s' shocking
What would you do if you found an alien? Would you fight it? Take it to the government? Sell the rights to Steven Spielberg
People are refusing to adopt black cats from rescue centres because they are deemed to be "unlucky", one organisation has
A drunk broke into a police station and dressed up as a cop before helping himself to a bowl of Weetabix, a court heard.
For an animal that in recent years has found itself on a plane, on a train and even a submarine, a ride on a car bonnet must