Lights in the sky are one thing, near misses quite another, and as much as the MOD is happy to publicise the dubious (and often humorous) reports from members of the public, they aren't nearly as forthcoming as to remind us that the National Air Traffic Control Services detect around one unidentified flying object every month.
Humans are pretty weird, we Europeans even more so. Nowhere is this better proved than at the Eurovision Song Contest, where
Huug Bosse is a regular guy. Well, he was a regular guy until he had a hip operation and now can't stop laughing. As you
The world’s biggest insect has been found on a remote island in New Zealand, and it weighs three times more than a mouse
An angry snake charmer caused chaos at a government office when he released a bag of serpents at land revenue officials in
If you want something done, you’ve got to do yourself. At least that’s what builder Tim Backhouse thought, after becoming
The lure of the Guinness World Records and its opportunity to be part of cultural history is still very much a strong one
A man accused of bestiality tried to talk the hind leg off a judge in Zimbabwe. Sunday Moyo said he had picked up a prostitute
"Mad Dog" Colonel Gaddafi's reported predilection for lipsticked virgin protectors, flamenco dancers, camping and jacuzzi
The mummification of a terminally ill man for a Channel 4 documentary might arguably stretch the boundaries of taste, but