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Radiohead singer Thom Yorke has launched another blistering attack on Spotify, labelling it "the last desperate fart of a
Spotify has launched a new assault on the home audio market. Current home streaming systems such as Apple's AirPlay generally
Imagine a radio station that played obscure Scandinavian indie pop,hopeful wistful fuzz-punk and Andrew WK track after Andrew
Is it even reasonable to compare the music purchasing habits of 10 years ago with those of today? The remarkable advancements of the digital age over the past decade would have made the CD far less relevant today with or without Spotify's existence. Spotify isn't here to replace the CD and it isn't here to make up the shortfall for the dramatic decline in physical sales over the past decade.
Spotify responded in an email to journalists that it was "100% committed" to making its service "the most artist-friendly
While Spotify is theoretically a great discovery platform (through apps, friends' playlists and an instant way of checking out recommendations), listeners are far more likely to be grazing than appraising, and may not go on to form a real connection with the musician.
The idea that Spotify is somehow bad for the music industry is farcical. I read today that Coldplay are not releasing their