Street Fighter

We've all stared out of the window at some point and daydreamed about being someone else, whether it's as a superhero, a
Street Fighter 5 has been potentially confirmed as a PS4 and PC exclusive game after a short trailer for the game was accidentally
Wow, the internet has been around a long time and yet no one has gotten around to making a version of Street Fighter II with
Once upon a time the world's goldfish were content with playing Pokemon. Then they got bored and moved on to Street Fighter
Just when you thought the internet couldn't get any stranger someone takes the idea of a fish playing Pokemon, doubles the
'Street Fighter' has about ten badass new challengers - in the form of Disney's classic princesses. An amazing new collection
Nintendo's Wii U won't be getting a new Street Fighter game any time soon, if Capcom is to be believed. But it has at least
If you've ever wanted to put up your dukes in the guise of a short-skirted schoolgirl and battle a giant boxing glove-wearing
Now, it's well known women play games and also typically play different types to men, but I'm not here to cross examine ladies (no matter how much I try to make that happen). My point of interest is far more pixel focused: Who are the first ladies of computer games?
Are you ready for Tekken on Nintendo 3DS? The Street Fighter two series developers who worked on Tekken and Street Fighter
The Guinness World Records 2012 Gamers' Edition launched at Liverpool Street Station with the world's biggest games controller