stress reduction

It is not just a mental process which makes us become more resilient. It is also spiritual, physical and emotional. If one of those areas is shaky, it affects the others and it is very easy for someone to spiral out of control.
Elton got it wrong. "Sorry" isn't always the hardest word; "no" can be pretty tough too. If your schedule is always overflowing
Here's the thing: when we're busy we can easily trick ourselves into thinking that all of that activity means that we're not procrastinating. We're busy, sure, but we're not focused on the things that should really have our attention.
If this Christmas "state of mind" helps free us from stress during the holiday season wouldn't we want to keep bringing out these same spiritual elements in our lives throughout the year?
Stress can hasten the spread of breast cancer to the bones, research suggests. Studies of mice showed that responses to stress
What is your elephant right now? Perhaps it's a work deadline, an exam, a job application or a weight loss goal - something that you feel to be really big and daunting and that you just can't seem to get started on.
Scientists believe they have discovered why psychological stress can lead to physical pain. A research team at Carnegie Mellon
Sstatistics show that 25% of the population of the UK suffer from a sleep disorder of one kind or another, resulting in them feeling tired during the daytime. Astonishingly, that's one quarter of everyone out there. Luckily though, many of these can be cured relatively easily through the right emotional and lifestyle adjustments.
Probiotic yoghurt has been named as a potential tool in the battle against depression, with scientists revealing a direct