Ed Miliband has failed to back Wednesday's planned public sector strikes, calling them a "sign of failure". “Strikes are
The government has warned trade unions the current offer on the table is the best they are ever going to get, as 2.6 million
Trade union laws could be re-written to make it more difficult to take strike action, a Government minister has warned. As
The government has ramped up its rhetoric ahead of next week's public sector strikes, saying the action could hurt jobs and
Rather than trying to use the strikes to distract attention, the Chancellor must make the right choice in the autumn statement. He can plough on regardless with a plan that is hurting, but not working to get the deficit down. Or he can stop blaming everybody else for his own mistakes and change course.
It seems that teaching has never really escaped from a fatally corrosive virgin-whore dichotomy. On one hand, ITV celebrates teachers in a mawkish, quasi-celebritised manner in the Teaching Awards; on the other, the moment teachers decide to defend their profession and the benefits that make up for the decades of hard grind, they are vilified.
Ballot papers are being issued to more than 200,000 teachers as part of growing union plans for a strike on November 30 in
Unison trade union members have voted to strike later this month in the latest escalation in the long-running dispute over
Thousands of public sector workers, including top civil servants, are due to vote on strikes ahead of a crucial week for
Around 500 union members at Middlesex University have said they will strike over jobs cuts and changes to staff terms and