'The way I see it, if she’s happy, I’m happy for her.'
Charl Blignaut chatted with her about how working as a stripper helped shape her art.
As the world is caught up in Magic Mike fever, a new study has revealed life for some male strippers is very different than
With the common mantra that "sex sells" and the idea that we have now reached a cultural peak of sexual openness and opportunity, a so-called 'post-feminist' outlook might argue that women today are now more sexually empowered to make a broader range of sexual choices. But whilst it's laudable that women are allowed to be sexual and openly enjoy sex; surely empowerment would be doing that on our own terms?
Students are taking up stripping because they enjoy it, not as a result of economic necessity, a recent study has revealed
If Strip Church is about helping strippers who are looking to get out of the business, well then, bravo. But if it's also about implying that they need to be forgiven for their pasts, it feels like they're layering on their own belief system and values on these women.
"But they made me!" has long been the battle cry for a man who has just been rumbled by his other half for having visited
Everton Ladies forward Toni Duggan has revealed she'd strip off for magazines as it's "a good way of advertising the sport
To perceive the sex industry as a resource for those who desires can be judged as abnormal is to miss its role as a facility for those who are sometimes seen as being abnormal themselves, and so find themselves coming to us for a form of social sanctuary.
Lapdancers aren't valued primarily for their dancing ability, a study has found. They no longer need dancing skills because