stroke risk

Strokes are rarely associated with children and young people, and yet around 400 children in the UK have a stroke every year. As with adults, the impact of childhood stroke is often devastating. Many children are left with severe permanent physical and mental impairments, and the impact on the wider family is often significant.
Amanda Ferguson (45) suspected drugs in the accident and emergency department. Jesse North (25) was diagnosed initially with
In order to meet global stroke-reduction targets, policymakers must rethink their approaches. One of the key areas identified
Developments in telemedicine are benefitting patients with a broad range of needs as well as improving hospital services and improving resource allocation across the NHS. Significant progress has been made towards three million people being able to benefit from telehealth by 2017 in the UK, so these programmes could be coming to hospital near you soon.
Depressed middle-aged women have almost double the risk of suffering a stroke, according to research. A 12-year Australian
Traffic fumes may increase the risk of stroke by narrowing the arteries that carry blood to the brain, a study has found
Green tea and coffee both reduce the risk of strokes, especially those caused by bleeding in the brain, a study has found
Smoking cannabis can double the risk of stroke in young and middle-aged adults, a study suggests. Scientists looked at 160
Regularly getting less than six hours sleep a night raises the risk of stroke in middle age, research has shown. Scientists
A computer game which improves and overcomes the physical symptoms of a stroke using circus tricks has been launched as an