Stuart Wheeler

Nigel Farage has been told to resign as Ukip leader by one of the party's key financial supporters, amid a blazing internal
Just when you thought Ukip had reached their nadir with Godfrey Bloom’s rant about “bongo bongo land”, Hugh Williams, the
We all know business and politics are dominated by men. In a rather pathetic indictment of the situation, there are more Eton graduates than women in the Cabinet. But why are we resorting to quotas to address the problem? What happened to skills and talent?
Regarding Janice Atkinson's comment about Godfrey Bloom's work in the European Parliament, I would like to politely let Huffpost readers that Ukip MEPs don't do that much work here. They do not take part in the legislative process, which involves hundreds of hours of meetings, amendment drafting and consultation with affected industries.
A leading member of Ukip has said that women "aren't as good at being sexist as men" and that they are "far less likely to
Stuart Wheeler clarified what he said. He doesn't have a sexist bone in his body - his wife and four daughters, all of whom I have met, would break his bones if he had. He said: "I pointed out that in certain areas, women did not do as well as men, and then I cited poker, bridge and chess.
Yesterday's piece in the Huffpo featured UKIP's Treasurer, Stuart Wheeler, who said that UKIP needs to showcase its brightest and best to ensure that we are seen as a broader party than just Nigel Farage. And we do not want him burning himself out, human dynamo that he is.
Ukip has accused the Tories of running a "morally reprehensible" smear campaign by trawling through would-be councillors
Eight Tory MPs have held talks about defecting to Ukip, the eurosceptic party's treasurer has claimed. Speaking to the Daily