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If you're still really stuck, go out and do something that you can write about. I coached football through my DofE programme, which I used on my CV to show communication and leadership skills. Always remember that each skill you list should be backed up by a real life example of where you've demonstrated this, and then the world is your oyster.
So, it's exam time. That means long hours at your desk, with double helpings of concentration. If you're prone to procrastinating
Exams are about as useful as placing a number of objects on a table, closing your eyes and getting a friend to move them a bit and then trying to guess what has changed. In what profession are you going to be required to remember bits of information which are then not available to you and then required to repeat it all in a timescale of a few hours?
The AQA GCSE has changed, and now, so has the textbook. Brand new for this year, 2013 students have the competitive edge with this brilliant book, full of worked examples, and tips straight from senior examiners on how to raise your grade in the Language Exam.
The sight of worried students waiting outside UCL clutching sheafs of cramming notes as HuffPost Students casually strolled
Thousands of students at a Scottish university are up in arms at being set multiple exams, protesting they cause too much
An Oxbridge tutor has suggested future candidates would be better chosen by "putting their names in a bowl" and picking them
Plans to reform A-levels could lead to a two-tier system with students discriminated against because of the subjects they
Michael Gove has said students were let down by a "not entirely fair" exam system but attributed the blame to his predecessors
Pupils have launched a petition to have their GCSE English Literature exam papers re-marked after they were left "devastated