student finance

Students are borrowing large sums of money without being aware of their bank's repayment conditions, leaving them in dire
Barack Obama has admitted he only finished paying off his student debts eight years ago, in an effort to empathise with cash
The number of students dropping out after their first year at university has increased, particularly among those from disadvantaged
Thousands of students have fallen victim to a major security breach by the Student Loans Company after staff sent out emails
A lending service aimed at students has said it is "upset" at the accusation that it misleads customers, arguing student
The problems within the higher education system are multiple, and these need to be considered if we are to expect students to willingly put themselves in three times more debt. The pool of 18-year-old with the financial support to go to university on a whim without a concern for its relative value will be vastly reduced.
University freshers lack basic life skills, with many never having cooked, cleaned, or shopped for themselves, according
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- University students take on any summer job just to earn money rather than seek work experience in a
University tuition fees for UK students are already the third highest among developed countries, before next year's hike