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I can only speak from my own experience, but I didn't talk about it openly because I was worried about being judged. People always saw me as "strong", and I didn't want to suddenly become "weak". I didn't want people to walk on eggshells around me. I was worried people wouldn't understand how I could have been leading a dream life in Paris, while simultaneously feel like my world was falling apart.
I'll be using my self-declared reading week to look after myself, to stave off the "Week Five Blues", and to do my work in a way that works for me. I'm going to use the time to reflect on how my essays have been going, to read new things to stretch myself that bit further and to read those books that I've been wanting to read for the last two years that aren't "directly relevant" to my course but from which I will doubtless learn a lot.
I can't remember a time in which I wasn't obsessed with my appearance. There is a harsh, vindictive little critic who sits on my shoulder and breathes his bile into my ear incessantly... He tells me I'm grossly overweight, unattractive, and undesirable. He turns my head towards every reflective surface and excoriates every lump, bump, crease and curve, imagined or otherwise... I no longer feel I have any concept of what I actually look like.
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