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Coming to terms with having depression can be difficult for many people, particularly considering there are a lot of misconceptions
The number of students seeking help for depression has more than doubled at some of the country's top institutions, at a
Pupils should be given lessons on mental health, it has been suggested, amid fresh concerns that many youngsters are affected
A leading scientist has warned students to expect drug tests prior to sitting exams, to curb the spiralling use of "smart
Secondary school children rolled up their sleeves on Friday to receive the MMR jab in one of the areas worst affected by
We've known for a while now beer isn't too good for you, but now we've been told we could contract salmonella from playing
I thought to myself that that is precisely the problem with the current state of the media: too many people assume they understand eating disorders by sight alone, rather than stepping outside of their comfort zone to consider the reality that they run much deeper than skin level.
When it comes to sexual health, Cardiff students can expect the worst from their university, according to a new report. Cardiff
The unprecedented rise in obesity is now a global epidemic. It is widely known that the accumulation of excess body fat increases the risk of chronic illnesses, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain forms of cancer.
A student who suffered crippling migraines, caused by a life-threatening brain tumour, was told by doctors she was simply