student life

During the first year-or-so of my University degree, I worked part time locally as a residential care assistant for people
Over protection and excessive safeguarding of the 'smartphone generation', has led to a hypersensitive, 'politically correct' society . The only way to diversify the views and opinions available is by encouraging debate, discussion and reason both in society and on campus.
The research shows that silence is worse than vocal or instrumental music when working with pictures, so for art homework or graphic design music is a must. If for your music is distracting, turn it off, but it's at least worth trying working with music playing. The work might take longer, but you might get more done, and be happier while you are doing it.
Life is filled with the unexpected events. We can't control what happens to us but we can control how we react to them and how we survive them. Create, innovate, collaborate and continue to evolve and watch how your "luck" changes.
So often we just don't want to disappoint those around us so we end up compromising our health for the sake of just nje.
Every now and then I act in a way that feels like a huge kick in the teeth. Sometimes I get so trapped by what's going on around me that I find it really difficult to 'participate.' And trust me, it sucks. There's nothing worse than wanting to be able to get up and get going, to have fun like everyone else is, when it just doesn't seem emotionally possible for me.
Together with Greece, Italy is one of the birthplaces of everything we know and understand today in modern society. From philosophy and science to medicine and politics, some of Italy's major cities have played a key role in advancing these areas over the centuries.
A student's health is already compromised at the beginning of the university year, with the infamous 'Freshers Flu' and countless self-induced hangovers. An old mattress is likely to trigger additional health problems, as well as leading to poor sleep.
By now, most new students up and down the country have landed in a brand new city and are in the midst of Fresher's Week
There's no experience quite like packing for university - especially if it's your first year. The thought of packing up and heading out on a new adventure can be super exciting! But just thinking about how awesome it will be isn't going to get you any closer to being packed and ready to go.