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Tinie Tempah is an award-winning rapper, fashion icon and record label owner, and now he can add philanthropist to his CV
Welsh students who attend university get more financial support than any of their UK counterparts, as their government foots
Your second and third year is usually spent sharing a house or flat away from campus with your friends and it's probably going to be the weirdest experience of your life so far. Here are some of the less-than-great aspects to sharing a place with your fellow students...
Student living is blighted by poverty, a tiresome workload and a lack of suitable living conditions: this is the reality of what university is all about. Is it any surprise that some find it necessary to blow off steam and hit the streets for a night of carefree living?
A student near Dusseldorf, Germany made a fascinating discovery when he found an air raid shelter in the basement of his
It's time to start deciding who you're going to live with next year. Yes, it's ages away and you may still not be sure whether
Students are travelling more than most commuters to get to university and spending 'millions' on transport as rising house
It's exam season, so I'll forgive you for not wanting to think too much about the stresses of moving out right now. The start of a great summer might feel like a lifetime away, but really it's not too far on the horizon, and there's a lot you need to think about and prepare for.
The system has its flaws and has led to various negative impacts that could have been predicted. However, for the foreseeable future it is here to stay, and everyone working in education needs to make sure it works - or else see a generation miss out on a university education.
A theme park is breathalysing drunk students during Freshers' Week and putting them on a hair-raising ride to sober them