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In Tory Britain, the fact that I missed out on a scholarship - and consequently the chance to take a postgraduate degree in newspaper journalism - will hardly be tragedy of the decade. Yet it does illustrate a very troubling point: journalism is increasingly becoming the preserve of the elite.
I wouldn't be the person who I am today without Nouse and I suspect a lot of people who were a part of it in the past wouldn't be where they are now without it either. I'm indebted to Nouse and extremely grateful for the opportunities it's given me. That's why I'm so keen for our fundraising to be a success.
A security guard at one of Britain's top universities for journalism has been caught on film seemingly threatening to kill
It's pleasing to see images across the world of people massing in their thousands to hold vigils for those who stood for freedom in our press. It is a dark day indeed for liberté if we allow our media to back off.
The London Student, Europe’s largest student newspaper, has been revived as an independent digital platform six months after
Protests, politics and perhaps the beginning of the end of lad culture - it's been a busy year for students. The Scottish
It's that time of the year again where we begin our hunt for the best student journalist stories of the year. We're looking
Faced with the tidal wave of student media being produced by hardworking students up and down the country, it’s hard to know
It can be difficult to describe how invaluable student media to even the most avid newspaper reader. The unique mechanics of each university make it hard for one student to understand how their own publication works, never mind the operations of another.
The journalism degree. A ticket into the 'dying industry' everyone wants to work in, but nobody seems to get hired in. At