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Europe's largest student paper is to be closed down by its own university, the University of London, over financial concerns
Millions of young people are applying for jobs and hoping to enter the world of work soon for the very first time... But sadly, some will already have resigned themselves to their chosen employers' "definite no" pile without even realising it - simply from what they have posted online.
Award-winning student paper the Leeds Student is fighting for survival following funding cuts which mean it can no longer
Student living is blighted by poverty, a tiresome workload and a lack of suitable living conditions: this is the reality of what university is all about. Is it any surprise that some find it necessary to blow off steam and hit the streets for a night of carefree living?
On a recent trip to the Guardian and Observer offices I met a number of International journalists, and was struck by how many different ways there are to get into the industry.
Prince William is to return to life as a student on Tuesday by beginning a bespoke course in agricultural management at Cambridge
There's a hell of a lot of talent among student journalists, writers and commentators. That's why, last year, we tried to
There was a lot of sex among the viral stories of 2013: Exeter University students were caught romping on CCTV, a student
A university removed student newspapers from corridors in time for an open day because the front page criticised the institution's
Iby was born in Czechoslovakia, where she was excluded from school for being Jewish. She was later smuggled over the border into Hungary, where she ended up working for the Hungarian resistance in Budapest. She was eventually captured and taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Iby is a remarkable lady and to have her in front of us sharing her story was truly captivating.