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For every track I listen to, and for every new musical genre I discover and fall in love with, I am forever thankful to those people who first exposed me to music; in all its' culturally-significant, happiness-inducing, memory-evoking brilliance.
It's the website that's taken thousands of Facebook photos without user consent and asked the public to rate their 'hotness.' After a week of thousands of shocked students discovering their profiles are on the 'hot or not' RateMash site, the man behind it all, Michael Healy, breaks his silence.
Simon Cowell's TV talent-show format has grown tired and exhausted. There are only so many accusations of fixing results and sob stories the nation can take. Cowell's vow to 'shake up' the show for next year begs the question: will anyone care enough to watch it?
] Oxford University's students recently elected a somewhat controversial new president, Louis Trup, who shot to popularity
Without question, the actions of these young men were insensitive, irresponsibile and idiotic; but there is a pervading irrelevance that supersedes this piece's credentials - one that prevents me from giving the authors the pat on the back they might think they deserve.
A student paper who ran a rear of the year competition has been slapped with a copyright infringement claim after copying
The Feminist Society at the University carries out some great work, organising events to raise awareness of gender inequality on campus and debating key topics at their meetings. However, the Facebook page is a constant battle, in which participating members appear to enjoy attacking one another's views as opposed to actually coming to an educated conclusion and concentrating on the key issues facing women at the University.
Democracy is in crisis. The obstacle we have to overcome is how to solve issues that transcend the boundaries of nations in the most democratic way possible. Benjamin Barber has created the framework for an institution which can bring about more optimism for the world.
A "rear of the year" competition to find Cambridge University's best bottom has proved divisive among students, with the
As you progress through your career in journalism, you'll develop your own style, but by using the basic tricks of the trade you'll be ready to hit the ground running from your first assignment - straddling the needs of your editor and the readers sufficiently.