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It was 6am when the lights came on and Rage Against the Machine started playing through the speakers in the University of Sheffield's Richard Roberts lecture hall. About 50 students from across Sheffield, including activists from the Autonomous Students Network, the Living Wage Campaign, the Revolutionary Socialists Society and others occupied the building at 7pm on Wednesday October 30, the night before the planned staff strikes...
University of Sheffield student and feminist activist Jenny Rose concurs: 'This advert is woefully bad taste. Using an implicit threat of violence as a way to sell your company to young female students leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and puts me off using their services'.
Students have voted to ban The Sun from being sold in their union shop, in the latest demonstration of anger towards the
While the band's appearance on Later With Jools Holland was being televised, The Arctic Monkeys were delighting their fans in the North East with a career-spanning 20-song set. There can be little doubt that the 2012/13 season has proved to be their best yet in a career which has been meteoric to say the least.
University students are debating whether to boycott The Sun newspaper, with some arguing it promotes "vicious opinions" and
Universities have been warned against gagging their students after Edinburgh University slapped a clause on its student union
You know you're a student journalist when... Stay tuned for our next dollop of "you know you're a student when.."
In an age where most media outlets have headed online, TV might be going the same way. The BBC's new direction was recently
George Galloway had a fiery encounter with a student at Oxford Union last night, during which he was accused of being a racist
As my journalism lecturers have told us over and over during the past three years, the best journalists are ones with a wide range of experiences and interests. It's why we are encouraged to seek a placement that is outside of what we might be comfortable with. It's actually why we are encouraged to seek a placement in the first place...