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Scrolling through my timetable in first-year, I couldn't understand why I had so few contact hours a week. Eight? Was that all? It seemed like nothing compared to the twenty-five hours I had at school.
Students get ready to pack your bags and jet off across Europe. Berlin has been named as the as the top European university
Martin Lewis, founder of the MoneySavingExpert site, has written a damning open letter to David Cameron, voicing his concern
The government looks set to quietly axe the student maintenance grants in a committee on Thursday, without giving MPs a chance
A student was able to pay off his tuition fees thanks to a video he uploaded onto YouTube of his cat staring at her reflection
Since film fans were treated to that very first iconic shot of Sean Connery’s super-suave James Bond at the card table in
Photo provided by Apple. Apple wins the Microsoft vs Apple rivalry one again as they claim the top spot with the MacBook
The real world can be expensive and with university starting up, it’s a little bit too easy to get overexcited with your
Car sharing, taking an old phone and making your own wellies for a pound are just some of the top money saving tips for festivals
Research conducted by Save the Student has revealed one in five students gamble or sell their body for extra cash in order