student money

If you are considering buying a shiny new generation iPhone (or indeed any other phone), the first thing you have to deal
Maintaining a student lifestyle can be tough; juggling money, mates, sleep and uni can leave you with some difficult decisions
Food shopping is different for every individual. Some see it as a quick dash around the frozen foods aisle for some pre-prepared
Students are socialising less and studying more, with a third abstaining from alcohol in order to save money in the face
All students know the basics when it comes to student budgeting: baked beans are a key feature of your diet, you always predrink
Universities have been slammed by the Office of Fair Trading for stopping students from graduating over menial library fines
You may be swamped with coursework or cramming for exams, but have you thought about life after graduation? Year on year
The deadline for UCAS is looming closer and you've probably got your university choices sorted already. But, in case you
New year, new resolutions right? And we're betting one of them is getting your finances in line? If we're bang on the money
January is a tough time for the old finances, we all know that. But instead of moping about money, why not make some instead