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This prank is so simple, but yet so delightfully clever and insatiably irritating for the target all at the same time. It's
A professor at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a policy that if a student's phone rings in class, they have
Hats off to University of Houston student Sayed Jamal Hamideh, for epically pranking a news channel. A straight-faced Hamideh
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Losing a bet usually entails handing over a fiver. Not this time though; one student had his testicles stapled together after
There's not much that needs saying about this utterly brilliant prank by a Sussex University student and his friend on Made
Four students had to be rescued from the roof of a cathedral after a drunken prank went wrong, costing emergency services
Being a teenage boy is fun, especially when you get your first girlfriend. You bring her over and introduce her to your parents
A wrecking ball which has hung in a university for 18 years has been taken down following a spate of imitations by frolicking
Do cheesy chat up lines actually work? It's a time-old question which a couple of guys set about trying to answer one sunny