student pranks

This prank is so simple, but yet so delightfully clever and insatiably irritating for the target all at the same time. It's
A professor at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a policy that if a student's phone rings in class, they have
Hats off to University of Houston student Sayed Jamal Hamideh, for epically pranking a news channel. A straight-faced Hamideh
*WARNING: Don't try this at home* No, really, don't. Got a funny video you'd like to see on HuffPost? Send it in: ukstudenteds
Losing a bet usually entails handing over a fiver. Not this time though; one student had his testicles stapled together after
There's not much that needs saying about this utterly brilliant prank by a Sussex University student and his friend on Made
Four students had to be rescued from the roof of a cathedral after a drunken prank went wrong, costing emergency services
Being a teenage boy is fun, especially when you get your first girlfriend. You bring her over and introduce her to your parents
A wrecking ball which has hung in a university for 18 years has been taken down following a spate of imitations by frolicking
Do cheesy chat up lines actually work? It's a time-old question which a couple of guys set about trying to answer one sunny
A pair of teenagers who attempted to instil some culture and civilisation to their McDonalds meal with cutlery, a tablecloth
Picture the scene. You're a student, waiting for your first chemistry lecture of the term to begin. When onto the stage walks
As far as pranks go, the more people involved the better. So when a group of male students decided to don cardboard boxes
You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd tuned into the latest episode of Glee Club. Even we admit this is a pretty epic effort
It's tough being a teacher. But even tougher when you try to be really funny and play a prank on your students.. and it goes
Teachers usually get pretty cheesed off if you text in class. But one teacher took things to the next level...
You've got to feel sorry for her, you really do. But it IS a good prank...
We're all guilty of falling asleep in class once or twice.. a week.. but for one repeat offender, it's something he's unlikely
After "champagning" and "milking" swept the student nation, the latest craze for students with too much time on their hands
A prank in America, asking females to sign a petition ending female suffrage, has managed to rope in an unfortunately large