student protests

'He wanted to understand who these people were who were oppressing black people during the apartheid regime.'
The students say poor conditions at the residences and problems with the payout of some students' Nsfas allowances led to the protests.
"We need to be producing a new kind of men in South Africa."
Students from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology have taken to the CBD in protest over disciplinary action against four students.
The debate about the #FeesMustFall protests has failed to capture the plight of ordinary students trying to learn on securitised campuses.
The place Since I've moved to Cape Town, South Africa, now a year ago, I've been bragging about what an amazing place this
In a blog on HuffPost UK, student Hope Worsdale, a member of NCAFC, wrote: "The scrapping of maintenance grants will force
Student protesters are occupying an art block in protest at plans to sell off the design school building for £50m, arguing
Students at Durham University are to stage a 'Funeral for Accessible Education' on Tuesday, complete with eulogies and a
Students from across the UK are walking out of their lectures on Tuesday to protest against the government's treatment of