student protests

If we take the example of the United Kingdom, we find that the government possesses power over police leadership appointments, job security, pay, pensions and dismissal. In return, British police are denied the right to strike.
A university is to launch an investigation after a YouTube video showing police using pepper spray to clear student protestors
Thousands of Greek students took to the streets on Thursday as demonstrators marked the anniversary of a student movement
Up to 20,000 students have marched through the streets of Dublin today in protest at the prospect of a hike student fees
Whatever the reason, yesterday's March In The City refocused the direction of the student movement, reinforcing the trend it started: that of uneasiness and mistrust in the Coalition's policies. With its eye on Nov30th and the participation of the OccupyLSX group, today's march laid the foundations for a stronger and more cohesive movement.
I worry that today's student protesters, many of whom have barely experienced politics up until now, will return home and no longer believe what the politics textbooks tell them about civil rights in liberal democracies.
Thousands of students and activists are marching through central London to protest rising tuition fees. More than 4,000 officers
We are marching because we want power over our own lives and not be subject to lives of debt. We want an education premised on human flourishing and not one dictated by corporate interests and 'employability skills'.
The anti cuts protests and London riots, which have shaken the country to its core during the past months are increasingly
Today, we launch HuffPostUK Universities & Education, not just to give those undergraduates a place to make their voices heard, but also the naysayers. I'm well aware paying for all those students costs the country dear.