student protests

This week’s Commons People podcast sees the Huffington Post UK’s politics team tackle Syria, the Snoopers’ Charter and student
Striking pictures from the student demonstration which marched through central London on Wednesday show the moment a policeman
After the building was surrounded, demonstrators tweeted they had been contained by police, with many expressing their disdain
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On Wednesday, thousands of students will take to London streets and march to Westminster in protest. Unlike previous demonstrations
University College, London is to hand out almost £100,000 to students who have been campaigning, protesting and striking
The Metropolitan Police is to pay two brothers who took part in the 2010 student protests £50,000 after the pair sued the
For all that’s said about the 'enriching experience' of higher education, university is becoming incredibly expensive. On
A security guard and a student protester have been arrested over a confrontation outside a university building. The alleged
A policeman who knocked a man's tooth out with his riot shield during the 2010 student protests has been jailed for eight