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Faith, feminism and fashion; three words you don't usually hear in the same sentence - and a perception the newly launched
A student union has apologised for removing posters belonging to an atheist society which depicted a flying spaghetti monster
A poster which replaced the image of God from the Sistine Chapel with a picture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been
A leading universities body has withdrawn guidance on the gender segregation of audiences in lectures and debates, after
Gender segregation in universities is pandering to extremism, Michael Gove has said, as he became the latest politician to
Gender segregation at university would be "outlawed" by Labour, according to the party's shadow business secretary, despite
Topless protesters will gather together on Tuesday to demonstrate against "forced" gender segregation at universities, following
Universities can segregate by gender in talks from external speakers, as long as men and women are sat side by side and not
Hundreds of Muslim students congregated in the rain for their Friday prayers last week, in protest at a "concerning" lack
As part of Black History Month, Muslim student and spoken word poet Ibrahim Sincere has tackled the modern implications of