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The tide appears to be turning against an anti-extremist group following a motion by the National Union of Students to condemn
It's sometimes said that attack is the best form of defence. Some of those think tanks and agitators who seem intent on marginalising Muslims appear to have worked out that the reverse is also true: while some right wingers are happy to go along with direct demonization campaigns, in order to get liberals to jump on the bandwagon of an Islamophobic campaign, defense is often the best form of attack...
Another students union has officially condemned the 'anti-extremism' organisation 'Student Rights'. On Thursday Kingston university became the fifth campus (following motions at LSE, Birkbeck, Goldsmiths, and UCL) to join the counter-campaign called 'Real Student Rights' which continues to grow on the back of coverage in the national press.
Students' unions across London including at UCL, Goldsmiths, Birkbeck, and LSE, have adopted 'no-engagement' policies against Student Rights with more unions expected to pass the motion in coming weeks.
With the issue of gender segregation in the media, attacks on those opposing this practice have been epitomised on this website by Hilary Aked, who ignores the broad mass of public opinion that refused to accept guidance excusing discrimination.
Topless protesters will gather together on Tuesday to demonstrate against "forced" gender segregation at universities, following
A campaign group has furiously responded to reports an Islamic preacher who demanded gays "be thrown off a mountain" is due
Politicians are deserting counter-extremism group Student Rights, the Huffington Post UK can exclusively reveal, following
Whether or not students want to segregate, in a liberal and democratic society the right to practising one's faith stops where one starts imposing it on others. Contrary to what some assert, there is no right of the religiously observant to impose their sensibilities on others.
An anti-extremism organisation has blamed "inaccurate" newspaper headlines for creating a public backlash in which the group
Student Rights is seeking to police, not 'protect' students and its activities should be seen as part of the 'Cold War on British Muslims'. Its activities feed into an increasingly entrenched discourse of Islamophobia endorsed by much of the government and mainstream media. Universities should be wary of its lobbying efforts, the media should interrogate its misleading research and FOSIS should be commended for standing up to its bullying.
The Times featured a piece yesterday headlined 'Extremists preaching to students in Britain'. This conflation of extremism with increased religiosity and religious observance is indicative of just how muddled and confused the debate around campus extremism has become.
Muslim students have lashed out at claims in a study that extremists are segregating and denigrating women, saying they are
A Students' Union is run by students for students. This is the line, in one shape or another that we are continually told when it comes to our Students' Unions. More than just a building, a Students' Union is a place for many of its members to come for support, advice, help, employment and most importantly; fair democratic representation.
Students at a London University have organised a protest against the planned appearance of a Muslim cleric, who has previously
We simply must challenge and put an end to the deliberate malignment of International students at Westminster, they are not the fall guys for Cameron's promised reduction in immigration. Its time our MPs stood up for our students!
In March this year, it was reported that a number of students and lecturers had come out in criticism of the Prevent counter-terrorism strategy, arguing that it was "open to discriminatory interpretations" and that it unfairly singled out the risk of Islamist extremism as a threat.
Recently my organisation reported on the cancellation of an event at the University of Westminster which was due to feature Jamal Harwood, a senior member of the Islamist organisation Hizb-ut-Tahrir, as one of its speakers.
A Palestinian academic who has publicly backed suicide bombings in Israel has provoked student outrage ahead of a speech
Accusing your opponents of demagoguery and scaremongering is one of the oldest political tricks in the book, yet the facts simply do not add up here. FOSIS claim that the community they represent is being unfairly demonised yet they organise events with extremists and refuse to engage with organisations like ourselves when we contact them.